Ruger 10/22 Standard .22 LR


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Today, we will investigate perhaps the most famous gun on the American market, the Ruger 10/22. This .22 long rifle, presented in various styles and designs, is one of our #1 weapons to shoot, so we’re glad to acquaint you with it today.

Here, we will go through a short history of the improvement of the Ruger 10/22. From that point, we’ll cover a portion of the models that are offered today, prior to getting into our interpretation of the Ruger 10/22 overall.

There are a lot of varieties here, and we can see the reason why it’s happened to the most loved guns in American history.

The Ruger 10/22 is the brainchild of Bill Ruger, one of the more imaginative business guns architects from the US in the twentieth hundred years.

Ruger 10/22 Standard .22 Long Rifle for sale

Starting in the last part of the 1930s, when Mr. Ruger was as yet an understudy, a few developments started to meet up in what might turn into the 10/22. First came the thought of a rotational magazine that could take care of rimmed cartridges rapidly and dependably. Then, at that point, in a little while, came to some improvement of the force framework since .22 is so low drawing back. At long last, a sharp barrel configuration, making it less expensive and more straightforward to deliver light-pulling back carbines, made it conceivable, by 1964, to deliver a reasonable, solid, and precise .22 carbine that was self-loader. Ruger had a significant victor based on their hands in conditions of the plan here.

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From the get-go, there were two models available to be purchased at neighborhood retailers and through inventories, the International and the Sporter.

The International model accompanied a long, Mannlicher-style stock that drew out the vast majority of the length of the barrel. The Sporter model was somewhat more limited and accompanied a general lighter stock that had finger grooves.

Deals of the 10/22 immediately blast, as American shooters became hopelessly enamored with a reasonable, precise, and dependable .22LR carbine that was light to convey and simple to shoot.

For a huge number of American shooters, one of the first kinds of 10/22 was their most memorable weapon, joyfully opened on Christmas morning and afterward taken out to plink jars in the yard.


Strangely, the prevalence of the Ruger 10/22 has likewise seen some restricted military help. The Israeli Defense force utilizes 10/22s for less deadly group control in instances of mobs.

As we’ll get into later, there’s a wide assortment of 10/22 models available. As a general rule, there are two sorts, carbines, and bring-down models.

The previous can’t fall to pieces effectively by the client and arrive in an enormous exhibit of completions, stocks, and setups. Take-downs, then again, have undercarriage frameworks that are intended to be dismantled by the client in a second, making them very well-known rucksack weapons

Indeed, even with only the ongoing models, you can get your 10/22 pretty much a way you could envision, from a gun to a vitally smothered, bring-down strategic rifle.

Reseller’s exchange

With the huge and enduring business progress of the 10/22 has likewise come a comparably enormous reseller’s exchange for parts. It’s feasible to change for all intents and purposes everything on your rifle, from the trigger to the barrel, with secondary selling parts to assist with meeting your requirements.

This incorporates the standard suspects in general, like magazines, optics, and stocks, however, there are a few additional fascinating parts out there too.

Where to buy Ruger 10/22 Standard .22 LR

With just enough time, exertion, and some ATF administrative work, you can furnish your 10/22 with a vitally stifled barrel and double trigger, significance it’ll shoot two times as quickly, and with half as much sound. Not terrible for a rifle initially fabricated 50 years prior!


  • Hardwood stock
  • 18.5″ barrel
  • Weaver-style scope base
  • Gold bead front sight

Product Information
Metal Finish Blued
Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 22 Long Rifle
Barrel Length 18.5″
Overall Length 37″
Trigger Single Stage
Safety Cross Bolt
Capacity 10
Stock Hardwood