CZ 1012 Bronze 12 GA 28\” 4+1


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CZ 1012 Bronze 12GA 28″/ 4+1 Shotgun:

CZ 1012 is the latest evolution in the semi-automatic shotgun line which employs a gas-less inertia operating system. It uses a spring within the bolt for reserving energy during the shotgun’s recoil instead of redirecting gas from the barrel to run the action and spends this energy a split second later for rotating and unlocking the twin lugs from the barrel extension and revoking the spent shells.

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The less stringent maintenance schedule is the major advantage of an inertia system that is installed in this firearm. CZ 1012 needs vastly fewer periodic cleaning of the piston and magazine tube, unlike gas guns which need more periodic cleaning.

It can be pushed to 5,000 rounds without cleaning of any sort or a drop of oil without any parts breakage or malfunctions. The occasional oiling and cleaning in normal field use should be more than enough for CZ 1012 shotgun. So save your time and energy with this efficient inertia-driven gun. From light recoiling target loads to the smoking hot 3 magnums, Its gas-less system itself is tuned to run a wider range of shells 

Product Information:

Action: Semi-Automatic

Gauge: 12 Gauge

Safety: 2 position

Barrel Length: 28″

Stock: Turkish Walnut

Chamber: 3″

Capacity: 4+1

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By offering it’s first gas-less inertia-operated semi-automatic CZ 1012, CZ has added to its already extensive lineup of shotguns. The Bruno Civolani-designed inertia system is the base of this shotgun’s action that uses only 3 parts:

  1. Inertia spring
  2. Bolt body
  3. Rotating bolt head

This firearm requires very little maintenance and operates with a range of 12-gauge loads.

It digests the wider range of shotshells readily which makes it quite a convenient weapon for self-defense.

CZ 1012 Bronze Shotgun Specifications:

Firearm Type Shotgun
Operation  Inertia-operated, semi-automatic 
Magazine capacity 4+1
Gauge 12gauge
Barrel length  28 in
Overall length  49½ in
Chokes Cylinder, enhanced cylinder, modified, enhanced modified, full
Length of pull 14½in
Sights Front white bead
Weight 6 lbs
Drop at comb 1⅝ in
Drop at heel 2½ in
Stock Turkish walnut (tested)

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The recoil pushes the gun rearward when fired. Compressing an internal inertia spring, inertia causes the bolt body to remain stationary. The spring thrusts the bold body rearward as the recoil force dissipates unlocking the bolt head. At the rear of the bolt, a metal tail compresses the recoil spring in the stock, and the bolt is returned into the forward position by the stored energy. This system has been perfected these last 50 years. Since debris and gases exit the barrel, it is easy to clean and maintain this firearm.

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Compared with other guns in this class, the controls of the CZ 1012 offers some intelligent design upgrades. The Hourglass-shaped lightened bolt handle is the most noticeable feature.

The design of CZ 1012 also makes it easy to grasp and control from different angles, unlike traditional inertia firearms with a C-shaped bolt handle. During disassembly, it is now easier to pull free from the bolt.

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