Emperor Arms MX5 Tactical 12 GA 20″ 4+1


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MX5 Tactical 12GA is a semi-auto 3″ chamber shotgun with a pistol grip of 20″, 20″ barrel length, and capacity of 4+1.

A shotgun is also called a scattergun or historically as a fowling piece. Designed to shoot a straight-walled cartridge, this shotgun is a long-barrel firearm. The gun barrels of shotguns have no rifling on the inner wall which is why shotguns are most commonly smoothbore firearms. But now, for shooting slugs, rifled barrels are also available making shotguns more reliable. Buy Emperor Arms MX5 Online USA

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From the range of 5.5mm (.22 inch) to up to 5cm (2.0 inch), shotguns are available in a wide variety of calibers and gauges. The most common bores are the 12-gauge and 20-gauge.

Shotguns, just like rifles, are also available in a range of different action types both

  • Repeating
  • Single-shot

You can use the Emperor Arms MX5 Tactical shotgun against small and fast-moving targets which makes it an ideal shotgun for hunting and shooting. Rather than having to aim precisely, it allows the users to point the gun close to the target. It can be extremely efficiently used at short ranges and against smaller targets. Buy Emperor Arms MX5 Online USA

Emperor Arms MX5 Tactical 12GA 20″ 4+1 Specifications:

Firearm type Shotgun
Action type Semi-automatic 
Gauge 12 gauge
Caliber 12 gauge
Chamber 3” or 2¾
Barrel length  20”
Capacity 4+1

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When used against still targets, a shotgun has several advantages over rifles. These advantages include:

  • Enormous stopping power at short range
  • Great firearm for beginners and inexperienced users
  • Many wound tracks in the target due to large lead pallets
  • The pallets of shots are less likely to infiltrate walls and hit bystanders.
  • For its high stopping power and low penetration, it is favored by law enforcement agencies.

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If you want a more powerful, efficient, and intimidating firearm, then the MX5 shotgun is a perfect option for you. It is great for engaging multiple targets faster than with a pistol. It also has one more advantage our a quality handgun as it is generally less expensive. Buy Emperor Arms MX5 Online USA

Emperor Arms MX5



2.75″ or 3″ chamber

Pistol Grip

20″ Barrel


Product Information
Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 12 Gauge
Gauge 12 Gauge
Barrel Length 20″
Capacity 4 + 1
Chamber 2¾“ or 3”