Caliber:                 9×19mm
Weight:                 595 g / 20.99 oz
Loaded:                850 g / 29.98 oz
Length:                 174 mm / 6.85 in
Height:                  127 mm / 5.00 in
Width:                   30 mm / 1.18 in
Barrel Height:       32 mm / 1.26 in
Barrel Length:     102 mm / 4.02 in.
Barrel Rifling:      Right Hand, Hexagonal
Length:                 249.99 mm / 9.9
Trigger Pull:         2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs.
Trigger Travel:     12.5 mm / 0.5 in.
Line of Sight:       153 mm / 6.02 in.

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The glock 19 gen 5 handgun is variously required, the latest representative of the age. It has 9x19mm it is a semi-auto gun. It has exceptional, durable nDLC finishing protection against all kinds of scratches. It is made of stainless metal. Its flared mag-well has a giant funnel with faster functions than others. It supports the left-hand shooting style with its delicate slide stop lever, which increases workplace efficiency and subtly flares Maxwell to increase loading speeds. It includes all of the regular Gen4 extras – back straps, 3ea magazines, and the hard case.

This pistol offers adequate gun size. It is used as an overall and reduced dimension as a balanced style. The certified caliber of 9×19 has won universal circulation in protection services and enhancement to existing users as a standard military defense. It is proper for secreted carry or backup protection. For occurrence, many of the elite scouts of this USAF occurrence take the gun for their active resistance in emergencies.

A shooter standard barrel highlights new rifling for enhanced efficiency. The gen 5 glock 19 offers a firm grip. The ambidextrous slide stop lever makes it manageable to deliver the slide from the weapon’s left or right side. A definite flared mag well to improve reload activities. It incorporates all of the established Gen4 extras – back straps, 3ea publications, and the hard case.

The glock 19 gen 5 for sale offers innovative design modifications to the gun. That’s been an excellent clarification for these searching incredible muzzle swiftness and better accuracy in a reliable yet lightweight gun with significant cache content.

The glock gen 5 19 Modular Back Strap plan lets you immediately customize its hold to modify to an original shooter’s handgrip size. The outside of the framework exercises the new exactly planned, real-world-tested, Gen5 irregular textured technology. Inside, the new GLOCK dual recoil source device increases the longevity of the system. A reversible extended manual conquest, versatile in seconds, adjusts left or right-handed workers. The glock 19 gen 5 price is such comes in an affordable range. The glock 19 gen 5 in stock now places your order in few clicks.


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