Hatsan Escort 12 GA 18 5+1


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Escort HESL12180001 Slugger, Pump, 12ga, 3″, 18″ Bbl, Blk, Synthetic, 5+1 Rnd, Fixed Blade front sight.

Product Information
Action Pump
Caliber 12 Gauge
Gauge 12 Gauge
Barrel Length 18″
Capacity 5 + 1
Stock Black Synthetic


Buy Hatsan Escort 12GA 18 5+1 Online USA:

HATSAN ESCORT 12 GA 18 5+1o Escort is a semi-automatic,HATSAN ESCORT 12 GA 18 5+1, magazine-fed shotgun having tactical styles and specs. With a REM pattern cylinder bore choke, a full choke, and a modified choke, it has a 3-in chamber and an 18-in chrome plated steel barrel.

For allowing the use of any combination of shells without adjustment, smart valve piston technology adjusts the amount of gas used automatically to operate the system according to the load. It also uses a cross bolt safety and comes with an accessory rail above the receiver, 3 small rails for accessories and sights, and a full-length rail under the handguard.


Escort HATSAN 12 GA 18 5+1Gun For Sale Online:

An adjustable rear sight is installed on its removable carry handle which works with the installed fixed sight on the front. As an option, two flip-up sights are also included.

For an accurate cheek weld, a fixed stock with an adjustable comb is installed to the rear. 5 round magazines make this shotgun even more efficient. We have the original branded Escort series gun by Hatsan for sale at a low price than the market so that our clients can get this efficient gun conveniently.


Hatsan Escort 12 Gauge Shotgun Specifications:

Firearm type Shotgun
Manufacturer  Hatsan
Gauge  12
Chamber 3” Magnum
Barrel length  18”
Overall length 38”
Magazine capacity  5+1
Average weight 6.5 lbs
Receiver Black anodized aircraft alloy
Recoil pad Rubber
Barrel finish  Black chrome
Chokes Fixed cylinder
Sight  Fiber optic front sight 
Safety Manual cross button


Where To Buy 12Gauge Shotgun Near Me

“Gun Factory” proudly presents Hatsan Arms Escort’s 12 gauge shotgun for sale online. Along with precision performance, Escort is a recognized shotgun for craftmanship.

This firearm is truly an exceptional shooting experience. Using high-quality elements, Hatsan Arms takes pride in its 100% vertically integrated manufacturing procedure. They use the components virtually produced in their factory. Throughout the manufacturing process, Hatsan maintains the highest levels of quality.


Features Of Hatsan Escort 12GA Shotgun:

This security & hunting purpose 12-gauge, 3” magnum chamber pump action shotgun has the following features:

  • Modern Sporting style gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun
  • Fixed cylinder choke for slugs or shot
  • Oxidation Resistant, chrome-plated barrels made of Cr, Ni,
  • Mo steel
  • All barrels of Escort shotgun are Proof Tested
  • It has the capacity of shooting both 3” and 2.75” shells
  • Aircraft alloy receiver
  • For strength and durability, advanced polymer compound synthetic stock
  • For fast and easy loading, ergonomic designed long firearm
  • Spacer shims for regulating the slope of the stock for a perfect fit
  • To absorb recoil, a rubber butt pad is installed
  • Magazine capacity: 5 shell
  • Manual cross-button trigger safety
  • Mounted sling studs
  • Elevation adjustable comb
  • Fixed Stock (non-telescopic) version
  • For ambidextrous operation, reversible bolt cocking handle.
  • Picatinny rail integrated into the receiver
  • Detachable carry handle
  • Muzzle cover to protect the barrel and locks fore-end in place

Purchase Hatsan Escort 18 5+1 Gun Online:

The metal of this shotgun has a durable matte black finish and maintenance-free synthetic stocks are used along with sling swivel studs and to absorb recoil, soft rubber pads are installed. For a sure-handed grip, the extended forend is textured with contoured. The exclusive distributor of Escort firearms is Hatsan USA. You can get the top-quality new Escort shotgun brought to you directly by Hatsan USA from “Gun Factory” online with the fastest delivery service.

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