ley Subsonic 22 LR 38 gr HP 500 Rounds


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Eley’s Subsonic Hollow is a lower velocity hunting cartridge with target shooting accuracy. These rounds feature a dry lubricant to assist feeding in semi automatics as well as improve reliability in all weather conditions.
The brass cartridges are crowned with hollow point projectiles the will provide great expansion and stopping power on your next hunt. Eley’s Subsonic Hollow is also referred to as one the quietest subsonic rounds on the market and has great accuracy.
In 2008 Eley celebrated 180 years of manufacturing high quality ammunition. The British company was established in 1828 by William and Charles Eley, and has a long and proud tradition in the high standard of manufacture of rimfire ammunition.
This ammunition is brass-cased, rimfire-primed, non-corrosive and non-reloadable.
Eley’s Subsonic ammo is suitable for single shot bolt action rifles and semi automatic magazine feed rifles.
MPN#: A05400
UPC#: 650911054007