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The Remington Model 1100 autoloading shotgun is oddly notable with trap/skeet/sport shooters since it causes a commotion in and out of town on esteem, immovable quality, openness and components. The sort started as a gas worked 4+1 cutoff 5-shot arm introduced in 1963. Remington made a colossal number of them before the association looked for monetary security a second time in 2020, covering errands.

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The Remington 1100 is open in 12, 20 and 28 measures as well as .410 drag. This shotgun is credited with spreading out the hour of the trustworthy, significantly productive gas worked auto-stacking shotguns. Actually the Remington 1100 leftover is one of the most staggering selling self-loader shotguns in US history. Additionally, in 1978, it set the self-loader shotgun record for most shells released without cleaning, breakdown or parts at 24,000 rounds.The 1100 is a powerful relative of the past Remington 11 and Remington 11-48 model lines.

The Model 1100 showed up as a 12-measure. The unpleasant 1100 isolated itself without skipping a beat as maybe the earliest self-loader shotgun to reduce movement back out and out while being lightweight and strong. Remington actually takes a look at the long term.

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The 1100 Field was the standard model. The catch model was the 1100 TB.Remington has obliged left-given shooters with 12-measure and 20-really take a look at models, a youthful gun in 20-check, 1100s with fabricated stocks, the 1100 Tac-2 with a designed stock and solitary hold, a 50th Anniversary conveyed in 2013 and a 200th Anniversary (of Remington) conveyed in 2016.

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While there are an unreasonable number of different Model 1100s to detail here, the recently referenced all-dull Remington Model 1100 Tac-2 (or on occasion created as Tactical 2) 12-measure is an attractive model. The 6+1 shotgun centres around a 18″ barrel stacked for 2 3/4″ and that goes with a nice prevalent chamber gag. The gun has a spot sight. The Tac-2 gets a multi-step process including an engineered plunge for its uniformly influenced dull oxide finish.The Tac’s recipient is infiltrated and tapped so you can add a degree. Both the forend and stock are designed making the gun simply 7.75 pounds.Remington model 1100 contention produced 12-measure shotgun is a challenge grade shotgun arranged expressly for earth discharging sports.


The gas-worked structure on the model 1100 competition-produced 12-measure shotgun has been progressed to cycle reliably with 2-3/4″ goal and light field loads. The 1100’s kickback reducing gas worked structure and a power diminishing stock pull out stunningly thinking about speedy resulting shots while diminishing shooter exhaustion. The buttstock and front end are made of an extreme composite material, with carbon graphite complete the most common way of, completing on the hold surfaces. An adaptable brush gets the shooter’s head up and agrees with the 10mm, twofold globule ventilated rib. redesigns the shooter’s ability to see rising catch targets, and an ivory front globule and steel mid-spot further foster objective getting. The drag incorporates an extended driving cone; and the 1100 Competition goes with a full game plan of Briley, Target, and ProBore Choke tubes. The gatherer and all inside parts feature a smooth, nickel finish to get ready for disintegration and to work on smooth, strong cycling of the movement. The model 1100 competition designed 12-check shotgun changes with your specific individual necessities to get you on target and turn soil birds to a residue storm.