Ruger 8301 American Rimfire .22 LR 22″


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The Ruger 8301 American Rimfire .22 LR 22 is a quintet of reasonable yet precise and dependable 10+1 limit rimfire manual rifles for .22 LR, 9+1 .22 WMR, and 9+1 .17 HMR types. The American Rimfire Standard, Rimfire Compact, Rimfire Wood Stock, Rimfire Target, and Rimfire Long-Range Target length a superb series of stocks, variety gets done, barrels and highlights. There is by all accounts something to please nearly anybody.

These weapons highlight a two-position Fire/Safe red-dab tang wellbeing that is finished and ergonomically uncovers the letters S for Safe and a blazing red F for discharge. Close by, the activity includes a solitary piece 60-degree toss bolt arm that closes in an almost round bolt handle.

Ruger machines these lovely beneficiaries to incorporate a coordinated 3/8″ rimfire scope base. Incorporating the extension bases does ponder for security and disentanglement. These beneficiaries are additionally bored and tapped for Weaver #12 bases.

With these weapons, you’re not kidding” or 22″ length cold mallet produced barrels that are rifled, profoundly precise, and strong. Many end in a 1/2″- 28 TPI string.

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The Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger can be set from 3.0 to 5.0 pounds of pull pressure. The trigger is fresh and unsurprising.

Support is simple. On account of the Power Bedding necessary sheet material block framework that free-floats the barrel, the barrel, activity, and trigger mix anchors to the stock by only two ventral hex-head screws.

The stock module for the engineered stocks is a truly sharp component. You can trade out the top/back of the stock by tapping it out utilizing a non-defacing device and supplant it with one of an alternate level. These weapons accompany two unique exchangeable stock modules so you can trade between iron sights and a degree. The modules are secure with the back turn stud. That is virtuoso, correct?

Something incredible about these manual actions is they utilize similar separable magazines as other Rutgers. Consequently, .22 LR models utilize the 10-round BX-1 revolving magazines. They likewise work with BX-25, BX-25×2, and BX-15 mags. The .17 HMR and .22 WMR utilize the more drawn-out and more extensive JMX-1 rotating magazine. The two magazines are flush-mount, yet Ruger likewise offers higher limit expanded magazines. The magazine discharge is broadened, making trading mags simple and instinctive.

Extra highlights incorporate a delicate buttpad in the back and sling-turn studs.

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The American Rimfire Standard is a traditionally styled manufactured stock. You can get it in the matte dark with a dark barrel, matte dark with a pure barrel, or Go Wild Camo I-M Brush with consumed bronze Cerakote on the barrel, or other variety plans. Length-of-pull (LOP) is 13.75″. Generally speaking length is 38.37″ with the 18″ barrel and spiral ported flash hider or 37″ with the Williams Fiber Optic front sight and movable back sight or 37″ without any sights yet with a one-piece aluminum scope rail over the launch port. These weigh around 5.9 pounds, contingent upon setup.

The young accommodating Rimfire Compact is comparative with the exception of it utilizes a 12.5″ LOP and 35.75″ by and large length. Weight is normally 5.3 pounds.


The Rimfire Wood Stock resembles the Standard Stock however made of wood! This adds around .2 pounds of weight for every model.

Climbing, the Rimfire Target firearms highlight a bull barrel, a knurled string defender, a one-piece aluminum scope rail, and a wonderful wood cover stock that has pleasantly shaded groups. When seen from the side profile, the groups summon geographical shape maps. These weapons have 18″ barrels, a 13.75″ LOP, and weigh around 6.8 pounds.

At last, the Ruger 8301 American Rimfire .22 LR 22 Long-Range Target resembles the Rimfire Target however sits on a bigger thumbhole stock. These firearms may look longer than the standard Rimfire Target weapons, however, they likewise have 18″ barrels and 13.75″ LOPs. Be that as it may, they weigh somewhat less at around 6.7 pounds, and they accompany both ¼” and ½” LOP spacers to put between the buttpad and stock to more readily fit the weapon to your precise necessities.

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On the whole, there are 42 models at the hour of this composition. Assuming you’re searching for a manual rifle in .22 LR, .22 WMR, or .17 HMR types, then the Ruger American Rimfire could have something quite recently ideal for you.