Stevens 320SEC 12GA 18.5 CYL PG


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Stevens 320SEC 12GA 18.5 CYL PG Specification:

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The Savage Stevens 320 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun includes a carbon steel barrel and an engineered stock, both with a matte completion. The shotgun is planned with a single-handed grip, a revolving bolt, double slide bars, and dot sight. Tube magazine. 5-round limit.

Elements and Benefits

Manufactured stock with a matte completion

Single-handed grip

Tube magazine

Carbon-steel barrel with a matte completion

Double slide bars

Siphon activity with a 5-round limit

Dot sight

Turning bolt plan


Gun Ammo Type: Home Defense

Metal completion: Matte

Measure/bore: 12

Item weight: 6.85 lb.

Action: Everyday

Barrel length (in.): 18.5

Handedness: Right

Type: Pump-activity

Item Type: Pump-Action

Chamber limit: 5

Item Length (in.): 38.25

Producer guarantee – general: 1 year restricted

Chamber length (in.): 3

What’s in the Box

Savage Stevens 320 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun


Take on any strategic circumstance with a shotgun constructed explicitly for the undertaking. This 320 Security model joins an 18.5-inch barrel, globule sight, heat safeguard, and a dark matte manufactured stock with a single-handed grip. Like every 320 shotguns, it includes a smooth, solid siphon activity, demonstrating rotating bolt and double slide bars.

The siphon shotgun is a pillar of policing for the basic truth that it is powerful nearby other people and at a distance. Shotguns can be stacked for anything official experiences: less-deadly ammunition to drive a confirmation of an inhabitant’s yard, buckshot for a nearby experience with various dangers, or slugs at far-off targets. The Stevens 320 Pump is the weapon you need in a battle.

Stevens is a brand name involved by Savage for a line of shotguns it imports from Sun City Machinery Co. in China. Stevens Arms was established in the U.S. in 1864 and bought by Savage during the 1920s. From that point forward, Stevens has come to mean a quality shotgun at a reasonable cost. Over/under shotguns and manual rifles are sold under the Stevens brand name.

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The 320 line offers an assortment of siphon activity, 12-measure models (11 altogether) that reach from a combo field/security model with two barrels — one for bird hunting and one for a home guard — to models exclusively intended for protection and strategic work. The security-just models are all furnished with 18.5-inch barrels. A few models sport a plain metal dab, while others include customizable rifle sights. Different polymer stock setups are advertised.

The 320 Pump model with phantom ring sights and a polymer single-handed grip stock ought to be most interesting to home safeguard types. Chambered for 2¾-and 3-inch shells, it is a base burden/right launch siphon. The collector is a metal compound with a metal lift entryway and an impeccable bolt. The bolt secures tight into the barrel augmentation because of four turning hauls. The trigger get-together is housed in a polymer trigger guard with the wellbeing situated in the forward piece of the trigger guard. Press the wellbeing button from left to right to draw in the security; press it back to show a red ring that demonstrates the weapon is prepared to shoot. The main other control on this basic siphon weapon is the slide lock, situated on the left half of the trigger guard, simply behind the trigger. If the weapon isn’t shot, then who should squeeze the slide lock to rack the activity. The trigger gathering and beneficiary look the same as a Winchester Model 1200 or 1300, so those familiar with those Winchester models will track down this Stevens natural.

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The highest point of the beneficiary is mounted with the back sight, a phantom ring arrangement that adapts to windage and rise. The screws turn with an unmistakable snap that is both felt and heard. The genuine ring is safeguarded on one or the other side by steel wings on the off chance that the weapon is dropped on its top side. The front sight is cutting edge with a green fiber-optic cylinder. In the sunshine, however, the green cylinder sucks up light, not in faint and dim circumstances. The sharp edge likewise has defensive wings on one or the other side.

The forend on the Stevens is broadened, which is useful for little-statured clients with short arm lengths. The forend permits the client to get a handle on the forend at the back of most pieces without the possibility of squeezing their hand between the finish of the forend and the front of the collector as the activity is siphoned. Profound sections are shaped into the forend for a definite grasp with and without gloves. Grooves are additionally formed into the single-handed grip, which flares toward the base. A lip on the lower part of the single-handed grip doesn’t permit the shooter’s hand to slip from it. The grasp is thicker than a mil-spec single-handed grip on an A.R. rifle. The single-handed grip and buttstock are one piece. A strong elastic buttpad is bad for the stock’s butt.

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At 38.25 inches, the Stevens 320 is entirely flexible. Weight is near 7 pounds, which restrains a portion of the backlash. The trigger force found the middle value of 6.25 pounds. There was slight leeway before the trigger broke moderately spotless. The reset length was short, and the trigger is functional, with everything considered.

Significant Product and Safety Information

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Stevens 320SEC 12GA 18.5 CYL PG has the following specifications:


Product Information
Metal Finish Blued
Action Pump
Caliber Not Listed
Gauge 12 Gauge
Barrel Length 18.5″
Overall Length 38.25″
Trigger Standard
Safety Cross Bolt
Stock Pistol Grip
Chamber 3″