Underwood 9mm +P 90 Grain Xtreme Defender 20 Rounds


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While its efficacy for self-defense is indisputable, a hollow point bullet has got some shortcomings. Its nose cavity may jam with debris during penetration, and its shape may impact feeding in a semi-automatic. That’s why this 9mm +P cartridge by Underwood is so nice. Made by Lehigh Defense, the round’s 90 grain bullet is CNC machined from solid copper to preserve its terminal effect after penetrating barriers as well as create the profile needed to feed more reliably.
This bullet does not expand, but it still makes an absolutely devastating wound channel. That’s because its radial flutes exploit hydraulic energy to cause severe cavitation. Its manufacturer boasts that this bullet creates a wound channel comparative to that of a 5.56 NATO!
This cartridge is loaded with flash suppressed propellant, so your first shot won’t be the last one you can line up accurately should you have to defend yourself in the dark. This round features a Ducta-Bright 7a process nickel plated brass casing. It won’t tarnish as quickly as bare brass would have when exposed to the elements, and it is sleek to promote smooth cycling. Such plating is also less brittle, enabling it to withstand the heat that a +P load would subject it to.
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