Weatherby Orion Sporting 12 GA 30″ Ported, Adjustable Comb


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Flexible and versatile, the Weatherby Orion Sporting 12 GA 30 Ported is fit with a four-way adjustable comb that significantly helps make the shotgun come to bear every single time. The Sporting’s more extended 30″ barrels make for a significantly more purposeful swing and are ported to reduce backlash and help transition to a subsequent mud target. 

The vented rib scatters heat and optical twisting while shooting volume climbs, and a fiber optic dab gleams brilliantly in the daylight. Programmed ejectors kick spent structures from the chambers, and the lengthy and knurled gags are effortlessly traded depending on the track show. Worked to smash dirt. Who can buy the Orion Sporting in 12 or 20 gauge?

Highlights INCLUDE:

Able to use both hands to tang wellbeing

Low profile recipient

Programmed ejectors

Chrome lined exhausts

3″ chamber


Shiny finished “A” grade pecan stock with precious stone point checkering.

Adjustable comb


Shiny metalwork

Tappered ventilated top rib (10mm x 6mm)

Fiber Optic front sight

30-inch ported barrels


Knurled, broadened gags


Worked on Adjusted


Further developed Cylinder


This Orion Sporting shotgun includes an ability to use both hands to tang well-being. Chrome lined bore, vent rib barrel, fiber optic front sight, and a severe shine “A” grade pecan stock with precious stone point checkering.


Activity: Tear Open

Gauge: 12 Gauge

Barrel Length: 30″

Limit: 2nd

Chamber: 3″

OAL: 47.75″

Weight: 7.50 lbs

Stifle Arrangement: Multi-Gag

Recipient Portrayal: Steel

Stock Portrayal: Fixed with Adjustable Comb

Stifles Included: F,IC,IM,M,SK

Barrel Portrayal: Vent Rib Ported

Sights: Fiber Optic Front

WellbeingWellbeing: Able to use both hands Top Tang

Barrel Length Reach: 30″ to 30.99″

Weight Territory: 7 lbs to 7.99 lbs

Hand: Right

Stock Finish Gathering: Brown/Tan

Metal Finish Gathering: Blued/Dark

Maker Part Number: OSP1230PGG

Reflexive Grade A pecan stock with adjustable comb

  • 30″ ported ventilated barrel with fiber optic front sight and gags
  • Auto ejectors

PORTED, ADJUSTABLE COMB Gun for sale Online in Canada

Getting on track has never felt more normal. From the reach to the field, the Weatherby Orion Sporting Shotgun is flexible and versatile.

Your shot will be plain to see because of the combination of a fiber optic front sight, quick procurement, and a smooth swing. The programmed ejectors will toss purges without care, allowing for lightning-quick reloads. Finally, an adjustable comb gives a customized cheek weld. Extra elements include the ability to use both hands top tang wellbeing, low profile recipient, chrome-lined exhausts, a stock with precious stone point checkering, reflexive metalwork, tightened ventilated top rib (10mm x 6mm), fiber optic sight, ported barrels, and knurled broadened gags (SK, IC, M, IM, F).

Where to Buy ORION 12Gauge SHOOTGUN Near Me

Able to use both hands to tang well-being. Low profile recipient. Programmed ejectors. Chrome-lined exhausts. 3″ chamber. Shiny finished “A” grade pecan stock with jewel point checkering. Adjustable comb. Shiny metalwork. Tappered ventilated top rib (10mm x 6mm). Fiber Optic front sight. 30-inch ported barrels. 5 Knurled, expanded gags.

Worked with craftsmanship, dependability, and security, the Weatherby Orion Sporting Over/Under 12 Gauge Shotgun is a go-to shotgun to change your upland hunting experience. This Weatherby Orion Shotgun is developed from a serious shine finish “A” Grade Pecan with precious stone point checkering and an adjustable comb. 

While aiming at a group in the sky, the position of safety strong steel recipient improves your view with extreme accuracy and point-capacity to guide withdraw straight back to the shoulder. In any event, when you’re in the harshest circumstances, security is the first concern with a simple ” get somewhere safe”/barrel selector switch situated on the tang. To minimize pellet misshapen and to increase quick reloading time, programmed ejectors toss void bodies while the hard-chrome plated lined bores and gag tubes minimize pellet disfigurement.

I just got my fresh new Weatherby Orion Sporting 12 gauge with 30-inch ported barrels about 90 minutes prior. I need to say, first, that my initial impression is fundamentally specific. It’s a tremendous-looking shotgun, regardless of whether it’s less fancy than the large numbers of its rivals. The stock and forend are shiny and appear to be all around made.


Put-togetherness appears to be darn great. However, the stock and forend are somewhat glad when they meet the collector (yet not much), but instead, they tighten pleasantly, and I don’t think it ought to be an issue. By and large, machining and general development appear to be highly top-notch. The jeweling on the activity is exceptional. In general, it is all around fabricated.

New in Box Weatherby Orion Sporting, 12 gauge, 3″ chambers, 30″ ported barrels, knurled, 5 – expanded gags, tightened ventilated top rib, fiber optic front sight, able to use both hands top tang wellbeing, low profile recipient, programmed ejectors, shiny finished A-grade pecan stock with jewel point checkering and adjustable comb. 7 1/2 lbs. Shipping/Insurance